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Diablo Immortal Legendary Gems

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About Free Diablo Immortal Legendary Gems

Legendary Gems are the best way to improve your character in Diablo Immortals for PvE and PvP, but they are very rare and therefore hard to come by.

Each of your characters can hold up to 6 Legendary Gems, one for every piece of equipment. Every Gem will increase your character's strength and provide unique abilities.

Legendary Gems are the most important aspect of Diablo Immortals when you are reaching the Endgame, and it's all about maximizing your character.

In order to get your hands on one of those Legendary Gems, it needs hard work and hundreds of hours of grind, but you can reduce the grind and increase your chance of finding one of those rare treasures.

Diablo Immortal allows you to purchase their In-game currency called Eternal Orbs, with those orbs you can purchase Legendary Crests which are Elder Rifts Runs that promises a bunch of Loot including our deeply needed Legendary Gems.

Legendary Crests are quite expensive, and you will need to complete several Runs to find one Legendary Gem.

We can offer a solution to the endless grind that lays before you! The fastest way to level your Diablo character to its absolute maximum, doesn't that sound great? Too good to be true? Let me explain how it works!

How can I get my Legendary Gems?

To receive your free Legendary Gems, all you have to do is sign up for an account on Idle-Empire, answer a few paid surveys, watch videos, or complete offers and quickly redeem your earned points for Legendary Gems. We offer payouts via iTunes Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards and Blizzard Gift-Cards, which you can all be used to quickly get your Legendary Gems. We have gifted over $8.1 million dollars worth of rewards since 2015 and we want you to have your share!

What can I do with my Legendary Gems?

Legendary Gems have 3 major attributes that are important: Star Tier, Star Rating and the Star Rank

The Star Tiers can be One, or Two - after that it can be 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 4/5 or 5/5

On top of that, there is another ranking system: Star Rank

The Star Rank basically determines the Rank of the Stars definite by the color of the Star. This determines the number of abilities you receive from socketing the Gem, the stats for them, and how much power is added to your gear.

The Third and only changeable attribute is the Gem Rank, you can upgrade the Gem Rank by selling other high-tier Gems, making it a very costly and time-consuming process, which can only be influences by spending in-game currency for the potential chance of more material to upgrade your Legendary Gem.

About Diablo Immortal

Announced in November 2018 on Blizzards own convention and firstly interpreted as an "out of season April fools' joke" Diablo Immortal has finally been released in June 2022 for Android, IOS, and PC marking it Blizzards first major port of an ongoing Franchise to a mobile platform. 

It takes the grind heavy and popular action role-playing classic to a new platform, combining PvE/PvP as well as a story mode in a dark looking fantasy loot heaven. 

From barbarian to wizard, you can choose from 6 different classes and go on a hunt for a near endless assortment of equipment and rare Gemstones, making it a never-ending loot spiral. Diablo Immortal can be enjoyed Solo, with a group of 4 for dungeons, or in massive raids with up to 48 players. 

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