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About Free Warframe Platinum

Platinum is Warframe's in-game currency which can be used to purchase warframes, weapons, equipment, sentinels, mod packs, and various other items from the in-game market. Even though in-game cosmetics don't do much except looking awesome and increasing your skill to uber-human levels, they're extremely popular and pretty expensive. So who wouldn't love to get some Platinum to unlock those shiny Warframe cosmetics for free? And that's exactly the service we're providing here at Idle-Empire! Don't pay for your Platinum when you can get it for free with us.

How can I get my Platinum?

To receive your free Platinum, all you have to do is sign up for an account on Idle-Empire, answer a few paid surveys, watch videos, or complete offers and quickly redeem your earned points for Platinum. We offer payouts via PayPal, paysafecards, and Steam Gift Cards. You can use either of those to buy your Platinum in the Warframe store. This works for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox! We have gifted over $8.1 million dollars worth of rewards since 2015 and we want you to have your share!

What can I do with my Platinum?

Platinum is Warframe's in-game currency which can be used to purchase warframes, weapons, equipment, sentinels, mod packs, and various other items from the in-game market. It can also be used to instantly finish crafting wanted items in the Foundry. Additionally, you can trade your Platinum with other players. Here are a few examples of what you can purchase with Platinum:

  • Boosters
  • Cosmetic skins
  • Colour palettes
  • Decorations
  • Premade weapons and warframes
  • Weapon slots
  • Warframe slots
  • Loadout slots

About Warframe

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative action role playing and third-person shooter multiplayer online game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Originally released for Windows PC, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war in a planetary system with different factions. The Tenno use their powered Warframes along with powerful weapons and abilities to complete missions. While many of the game's missions use procedurally-generated levels, newer updates have included large open world areas similar to other massively multiplayer online games as well as some story-specific missions that don't use procedural generation. The game includes elements of shooting and melee games, parkour, and role-playing to allow players to advance their Tenno (ancient warrior) character with improved gear.

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